About Horizon

The Horizon

The company HORIZON HOTELS AND VILLAS, was created by Mr. Marino Koutoulaki, executive in the Tourism Industry for 30 years now, as well as University education abroad.

It is an extension of the existing company MED HOTELS, and a member of a group of companies such as WOLRD4HOLIDAYS and REVEN – UP, each of which is a support for partner hoteliers, as it transforms the experience of all company executives in the development and profitability of the hotel. through modern techniques and collaborations worldwide.

The goal of Horizon Hotels and Villas is to meet the need of many hotels for cooperation under BRAND, Horizon Hotels and Villlas.
As well as the REBRANDING of the hotel with high standard operating procedures.

It offers a complete package of services that essentially ΄΄ loosens the hands of the hotelier΄΄

Marinos Koutoulakis